The more conscious we become, the easier it’s to notice the presence of darkness in the surroundings, which means we need to attain higher levels of peace of mind to deal and cope with the overwhelming negativity we’ve contact with while subjected to the negative conditioning in the present moment. It’s only when we start understanding the origin of anything not aligned with our love nature that we start realising we’ve contact with hatred culture more often than we’ve thought about. The more we realise it, the better we understand why being conscious in the middle of a society dominated by darkness and hatred culture is the ultimate sacrifice we can make while walking the path towards a meaningful life no matter the circumstances.

The majority of unconscious minds think that sacrifice is related to something we have to accept without understanding, and that’s the biggest lie we’ve ever heard during all times. Sacrifice and lack of understanding have little or no relation. Sacrifice involves full understanding of the consequences, and therefore, the willingness for doing so when achieving a suitable level of certainty that something will be better.

History has shown us a distorted version of sacrifice, focused only on the requirement of losing a life in exchange for something. That is only a tiny, and exceptional, version of sacrifice, which happens, in the majority of time, during periods of war. The most famous sacrifice of that type has been performed by Jesus Christ, preventing the Roman army from promoting a massacre of civilians and innocent people. Jesus Christ has attained the understanding that an untrained group of people couldn’t be able to do any type of negotiation with an army of soldiers, who were known to commit atrocities while assigned to a given mission. And that sacrifice has been utilised in a distorted way for millenia.

We need to know that being conscious in a society dominated by hatred culture is a type of sacrifice, as those conscious beings will be targeted. Conscious minds cannot be conditioned, which makes manipulative and belief-oriented dissemination of information extremely difficult to keep being passed from one person to another, and through generations ahead. We need a huge number of unconscious minds to achieve such a goal, and that is why being conscious where the majority of people are unconscious represent a sacrifice, as we have to face and deal with those who are creating false claims and beliefs, directly or indirectly.

The moment we realise that intrinsic characteristic of what sacrifice means, it’s the moment we understand that depending on the current position we’re in at the present moment, we know exactly the types of challenges and difficulties we need to face and deal with to step into our personal evolution.

Namaste 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Written by Jeferson Souza (thejefecomp).

Available also in a signed pdf version:

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