It’s essential we develop a self-confident mindset and attitude, enabling the self to face darkness in the environment we’re inserted into no matter the circumstances. There’s no other way of establishing a strong and resilient posture required to keep consciousness at hand and walk the path towards a meaningful life. We need to observe and learn, acquiring the suitable knowledge supporting the understanding of our own suffering and what happens in the surroundings. The better we understand our own suffering, the easier it’s to recognise the presence of darkness in the surroundings, enabling the self to properly deal with illusions we’ve contact with in the present moment.

Let’s cultivate and nurture the beautiful light we’ve deep within, enabling the self to be aligned with our love nature and manifesting the astonishing and beautiful energy of love from the inside out. Let’s put aside anything not aligned with our love nature, channelling all negativity we’ve contact with into something beneficial to the self and others, boosting our body and mind training to attain higher levels of peace of mind, and step into the next level of our personal evolution.

Darkness will be there and we need to be prepared to deal with it properly and accordingly, in a conscious, meaningful, and suitable way, embracing no negative conditioning we’re subjected to in the environment we’re inserted to. The moment we recognise traces of darkness and negativity during obnoxious situations we’re experiencing, it’s the moment we understand how we can take advantage of those moments to practise kindness, compassion, and a non-judgemental attitude.

There’s nothing we couldn’t overcome with the power of the mind. We just need to face the challenges and difficulties life presents to us consciously and meaningfully.

Namaste 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Written by Jeferson Souza (thejefecomp).

Available also in a signed pdf version:

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