It’s important we cultivate and nurture our love nature, being aware and awaken to the presence of darkness and what happens in the present moment. We need to be conscious of anything we experience, mainly within the heart of our own privacy, which includes a period of suffering. It’s only by keeping consciousness at hand that we can make decisions with no regrets and no fear, being certain of performing no violation regarding any rule, law, or agreement we’re subjected to in the environment we’re inserted into. It’s only when we’re conscious and focused on enhancing the self, stepping into our personal evolution, that we can face darkness in a conscious and meaningful way no matter the circumstances.

We need to find the right motivation deep within, ensuring we’re aligned with our love nature while establishing a strong and resilent posture to care about life as the ultimate goal, getting prepared to make tough calls if required to in the present moment. There’s no acceptance or alignment with hatred culture, physical and psychological torture, or any type of protocol or practice disregarding the priceless nature of life. A conscious mind cares about life as the ultimate goal, performing no conditioned action to harm another life based on a given protocol defining a set of expected behaviours. It’s just wrong.

We need to be prepared to deal with the presence of darkness and associated obnoxious situations in the present moment, which may be either following or aligned with a given protocol. Let’s remember we’ve no control on the outside. However, as we’ve full control of the self, we can get prepared to face darkness and deal with any type of protocol we’re subjected to in a conscious and meaningful way, tolerating yet not accepting anything with no alignment with our love nature.

The more conscious we become, the clear it’s to recognise how to keep consciousness at hand while walking the path towards a meaningful life no matter the circumstances.

Namaste 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Written by Jeferson Souza (thejefecomp).

Available also in a signed pdf version:

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