It’s extremely important we learn how to enhance the self in a conscious and meaningful way, understanding the limitations and lack of power anything or anyone on the outside has over ourselves. No matter how deceptive, illusory, or obnoxious something or someone can be, what matters most is relying on the self, our consciousness, being aligned with our love nature, and caring about life as the ultimate goal no matter the circumstances. Tyranny and discrimination are something we fight with a reverse strategy: instead of attacking, we need to step into our personal evolution, using a meaningful manoeuvre, and learning how to defend the self when the threat approaches and attempt to invade our personal space under our watch.

When we learn how to defend the self in a conscious and meaningful way, facing darkness no matter the circumstances, we’re actually learning how to keep the self in the present moment. We cannot enrol into a deteriorative path, stepping into a period of suffering, and trying to perform any brainless action with no consciousness at hand. That’s absurd and it needs to be avoided at any cost, no matter the circumstances.

The moment we step into a period of suffering, it’s the moment we need our consciousness the most. We need to regain control of the self, embracing our love nature instead of the negative conditioning we’re subjected to in the environment we’re inserted into. We’re bigger than that.

It’s by focusing on our personal evolution instead of paying so much attention to the outside that we can enhance our intelligence, which represents an one-person-show counter-intelligence unit of light required to deal with the intelligence unit of darkness in a conscious and meaningful way. And we need no high technology for doing that but just the power of our own mind.

Namaste 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Written by Jeferson Souza (thejefecomp).

Available also in a signed pdf version:

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