The moment we recognise the type of external challenges and difficulties we’re experiencing, it’s the moment we understand how to proceed and do things differently, in a way we protect the self, our consciousness, our well-being, and our intrinsic love nature at all costs. When we realise the big illusion we’ve contact with in the twenty first century, while living in the current society dominated by hatred culture and a slavery-related cultural traits, we understand why the possession of money, and all its related illusions, is super appreciated by the majority of unconscious minds in comparison with possession and acquisition of knowledge. Thus, we just need to look at our current situation to understand why establishing meaningful and genuine connections is so hard in the current society we’re part of, no matter whether we’ve more than six figures in our bank account.

If we put ourselves in an observer position from our own perspective and relativity, we can start recognising the patterns utilised by darkness, and all the protocols related to the negative conditioning we’re subjected to in the environment we’re inserted into. I assure you, after awhile, it gets funny to observe so much nonsense and meaningless attitudes happening in the surroundings, which makes us aware of a small sample of evidence regarding how the current society has evolved into a regression period dictated by the illusion of money, instead of the progress of knowledge and science observed in extraordinary achievements performed in ancient times that we’ve (for some) no clear explanation yet.

In order to not getting lost in a deep period of suffering, searching for an explanation of why the society has evolved into such a dark, negative, and meaningless path, we need to put things in perspective, understanding we’ve no power to control the outside but, instead, we can use our energy to be the ruler of our own mind, walking consciously in the middle of society while on track of the path towards a meaningful life.

The choice is always ours. We just need to be awake, do some experiences on our own, analyse and understand the results we’ve obtained, and start drawing suitable strategies to face darkness, deal with the negative conditioning we’re subjected to, and keep cultivating and nurturing the beautiful light we’ve deep within no matter the circumstances.

Namaste 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Written by Jeferson Souza (thejefecomp).

Available also in a signed pdf version:

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